A different set of talks are available for organisations such as Probus and U3A

       COVENT GARDEN - The Business of Opera & Ballet       

Ideal for a Probus meeting, this talk looks at the way the Royal Opera House juggles its various sources of income to produce world-class performances without going bankrupt.  With well over a £100 million turnover, the institution is the flagship of British performing arts and must balance old and new creativity whilst encouraging new audiences in every way possible.

       TROOP! - the music of Trooping the Colour        

There are more than a hundred words of command in the Queen’s Birthday Parade (better known as Trooping the Colour) and between many are pieces of music rooted in history.  Having once been a participant as one of the youngest members of the Band of the Scots Guards, Nigel is able to take a close look at the parade and to examine the background to the compositions.  

       A VIEW FROM THE PIT         

The Orchestra of the Royal Opera House plays night after night for both the Royal Ballet and the Royal Opera and is the invisible backbone of every performance that takes place at Covent Garden.  A percussionist with the Orchestra for many years, Nigel will share his experiences and the challenges of working in this unique environment and also explain how occasionally things do not always go to plan!